Anna Sui is awesome! Who “made” this scarf?

I saw this silk panel at Mood and instantly thought of a few Christmas gifts for friends… however hand sewing hems takes a bit of time so I’m a little past the season and starting to get closer to their birthdays so I might as well wait at this point. Here is a really interesting feather and rose print that Anna Sui used in a dress (now I can’t find the link anywhere).

When I gave a scarf to someone recently, they asked if I had dyed the fabric and I said I had not. This has me thinking, did I “make” this gift for someone? Is it more that I’ve “sewn” them a gift? At what point does something become a thing I made vs a knock off of some of these designers? I really like flower print and prints in general, so often I feel like the things I’m making do benefit from the fabric design. Is it commonly accepted that if you’re making a fabric, it can be used by anyone, and then they say that they designed it? I think I will ask the staff the next time I’m at Mood. It is nice to be able to buy really high end designs that I would not buy in a store and make what ever design I want from them, so maybe if I just keep giving both of us credit that’s okay?

I am also starting to investigate 3D printing for my buttons and I’m considering looking into ways to make my own fabric. If they do it on a challenge in Project Runway and all these designers have their own fabrics, I can maybe do something too right? I’ve been thinking about just painting my own big flowers on some silk as a start. Stay tuned for updates.

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