Boo! Halloween 2018

After a Halloween party in 2017 where I went as a dead bride and basically just wore a black dress with terrible makeup, I swore I would be prepared for 2018! And so we were! It was time to be pirates! Also, shout out to my cousin in the middle of the Polaroid who was a 70’s feminist!

We went on our first trip to Joann Ect and OMG I bought a million things. They had a sale on patterns and 50% of everything! My husband really enjoys shopping with me for all of this, which is quite a surprise because for him, going in ANY other type of store is the worst thing you can do to him. BUT NOT FABRIC STORES! He comes with me, looks at everything, and encourages me to do harder things!

I had to make this velvet coat three times. OMG I had never worked with such a challenging fabric. This required me to start to learn about presser foot pressure and thread tension. The first coat had SO MANY crinckles it looked like a bath robe. I ended up buying a stiffer cotton that was much more normal and manageable. I also used interfacing for the first time to make this and that helped with the second try at the bath robe. It was better but still had to be abandoned in the end.

The buttons for our outfits were from an army surplus store. Last item: Shout out to my mom who visited and made the pirate skull and bones patch. It really helped distinguish us from something else like vampires.

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