My first foray into men’s wear

I couldn’t leave my husband out of the mix. After a business trip to Seattle, I found a sewing store Drygoods Design which had really nice patterns (cute fabrics too – but I was traveling pretty light). I bought a men’s shirt pattern that was “4 scissors” in difficulty, but I figured I could do it! Oh boy, this was the first pattern I’d ever used and so it took a lot of reading and youtube-video-ing to figure out some parts of this. It was amazing how each little piece has been designed and perfected over time to tuck in to the other part of the shirt and leave all the seams cleaned up. This was also the first time I’d done button holes. I have a foot and that was very helpful. Making the collar was incredibly interesting too! I really enjoy how you can take something completely flat and turn it into something that fits the human body! It is quite the application of geometry (maybe topology?)

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