Starting to get creative

This is a poodle print from Carolina Herrera. I made a shift dress with hand rolled edges, machine stitched french seams on the sides for more strength. I used some beads left over from my wedding veil to outline the collar and give one of the dogs a little leash. One day, I was walking outside of my office when a man walked up and started talking to me. In the city I live in, usually people are asking you for directions and that’s about it, so I was surprised when my brain didn’t recognize questions about any avenues. Turns out, he was saying, “I made that, that’s her poodle” He was the designer of the fabric! He asked me if I worked in fashion, and I say, “No, I work in Marketing” and he said, “oh, well, if you made this, then you are in fashion.” I told him a really enjoyed making it and I showed him the beading and the little leash detail. We both told the other to have a wonderful day – he certainly made my day very special!

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