Starting to get really into this!

I am really enjoying making what ever I want based on whatever I can find 🙂 This was an interesting trip to the fabric store. The red & blue carnation print silk is originally Marc Jacobs, followed by an unknown silk print with ribbons, and then a cotton Gandini with beautiful posies.

I was nervous about making the Marc Jacobs dress because I liked the fabric so much and I didn’t know if I wanted the red up by my face or down at the bottom. I looked at the original style and it seemed like he had the dresses or skirts fade to the solid color at the bottom. I wanted to make sure I was different and so I reversed it. I kind of like this effect too because it feels like business on the top and wild flower print fantasy trailing on the bottom. I was nervous to cut into the fabric, but my husband said, You gotta just go for it! and so I did. This is now one of my favorite dresses and I probably wear it too much for it to last forever.

The Gandini skirt was another fabric where I was incredibly nervous to cut into it because I liked it so much. I decided to go with a skirt because I wanted to let the print speak for itself and be a little conservative with my first try on some incredibly nice fabric. I really like this skirt because it’s fun yet professional and really good for work.

Last but not least, the unknown black ribbon dress! I really enjoyed making this dress although the fit was not quite as great as I’d prefer. It may be tough to see, but I also embroidered in a series of black beads sewn in little squares to give the dark spaces a bit of sparkle.

It’s been very nice to have something calming yet challenging to do at home and then have very fun and unique things to wear to work. I also really enjoy having control of the washability of the fabric, the length of the dresses, and comfort levels. It’s really nice to have something that looks good but basically is as comfortable as pajamas.

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