A Modern Semi-Flower Print Scarf

This is another really nice Anna Sui panel from Mood. This pattern was really interesting because it was a little more geometric than other items I usually pick out but it still had that scalloped design that reminded me a bit of flower print 🙂

Hand rolled hems again!

Along the lines of panels and fabric design, I have started to look into a few new techniques or ways to start to make my own fabric too. Spoonflower is a company that will let you upload your own design and print it out on a wide variety of fabrics. The prices are not as high as I had expected either. I do not have the most advanced computer or digital drawing skills, so I have some further research to do in order to make this an option.

Separately, I have also started to investigate hand painting techniques. There are these great videos here and here for hand painting silks with a gutta that blocks out the individual sections. This video really describes the techniques step by step and this second video has some great technique tips and examples of different fabric results!! I am wrapping up a few projects right now and about to start a class on pattern making… so after that I will probably fit a trip into Home Depot to buy some pvc pipe to make a frame.

Last but not least, I also discovered this Japanese print making technique that uses a rice paste to keep the dye off some sections of fabric. It’s called Tsutsugaki. I was trying to research homemade systems to make gutta and discovered this!

There are some interesting projects in the future!

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