Pants Part 2

So now that you’ve seen the first ones, it’s time to see the second! You can’t have a significant other only wearing green or purple pants all the time (purple are the Ted Baker ones, not homemade). Sometimes you might need something in a slightly more standard color spectrum (although, you’d be surprised).

It was time to go back to Mood! I actually went there with my mom and dad (things for them are still in the works).

I picked out another cotton – this time in a nice royal blue!
I will confirm the technical term for this type of fabric the next time I’m there.

I also got the pattern fit a little better this time! Welt pockets are getting easier and easier (although this fabric was thicker… so there are some creases/puckers). I always think about how I keep the right sides of the fabric together, sew the rectangle for the outer pocket, cut the inside of the rectangle and then flip the little rectangle through to the wrong side of the larger pant piece. From there, you can fold the pocket flaps down and sew around the whole rectangle to keep them in place.

I think I can call these buttons antique too – my grandmother gave them to me when we visited her this summer. She had collected a huge bag over many years (taking them off old shirts and collecting the spares). It all turned out quite nice!

Also, last but not least, I adjusted the way I sewed the fly on these. In the first pair, I sewed the zipper through to the front fabric, but this time I studied the store made purple pants and saw that the inner zipper is sewed on to a inner flap of the fly which is then sewn in place in that large J shape. Thus, these look more “normal”. What a weird detail right? both of these have the same function, but one is somehow more normal and the industry decided that was how this piece of clothing should be sewn… research for another day, similar to the button hole right side/ left side differences…

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