Little Black Dress

A long time ago (2009 – yikes 10 years) there was a Kanye West music video in which the model had a really cool long black dress that was very wispy. I have always remembered it and so I decided I wanted to make something for work that could include elements of that much movement. So, while aiming to be work appropriate, I created this dress with a a cotton top with a crinkled silk bottom.

It was interesting trying to sew this type of textured silk. I used a zig zag stitch so that the seams could give and stretch a bit. I also was worried that if I used a standard straight stitch, it would have flattened the texture of the crinkles. There is a side zip in the bodice. I wear this dress all the time and I will get some better photos in the future. Since it’s winter, you can see I’ve been doubling up the layers with some leggings and boots, but I don’t want to wear the boots inside even if it’s for pictures for the blog.

Another element of this dress that was a new skill I developed: bias trim. This video was incredibly helpful. It’s a really nice way to make a smooth seam that tucks all of the raw edges of the fabric into a clean finish. On this dress, I folded the bias into the inside of the dress, but in the video the lady uses multiple prints and it looks neat on the outside too.

Last but not least, this video also started to teach me the value of ironing certain pieces as you proceed through sewing. I know in Project Runway you see them ironing all the time and in many of these videos you do too. At first I thought I could get by without it… but then, I sewed one or two wrinkly seams that did not look as nice as I imagined them in my head. With that, it was time to try ironing and it really helped (of course)! It’s as if people have been doing this for thousands of years or something…

Along the lines of learning from thousands of years of practice, I have signed up for a class! Stay tuned to learn more!

One thought on “Little Black Dress

  1. I love that black dress and all of your new knowledge. How did the pattern making class go? Looking forward to seeing you on Project Runway!


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