Learning to Make Patterns! 1 of 6

I started a pattern making class at MoodU.

In the first class, we focused on getting all of our body measurements that we would use to make our designs. We are going to learn to make all of the pieces of a dress over a few weeks. I am really looking forward to learning about creating a bodice and sewing in the appropriate pleats to make it look quite tailored. There is a dress at home that I want to redo a bit to improve the fit.

The people in the class were quite nice and there is a wide range of experience levels. One lady had went to fashion school and worked in fashion design for her early career and now she was starting to get back into it after she had a few children. Another lady designs dance outfits and wanted to start making her own designs. My partner had taken an intro to sewing class and she is now enrolled in this class. There is also a mother and daughter taking the class together. There are some men too – One guy was REALLY tall and he had these wonderful wool plaid pants on. They were unique enough, I would guess he made them, and he’s tall enough that I bet he has to do plenty of pattern adjustments. It should be really fun and it will be nice to get to know people better over time!

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