Pattern Class 2 of 6

I went to pattern making part 2 and it was tons of fun!

I met the very tall man – he is 6’6″ and he did make those pants last week! I asked him and he seemed to be happy I noticed. Today he had some wonderful canary yellow corduroy slacks! It was great to meet him.

I also met a man that works at Eileen Fischer – we started talking about fabric dying and he showed me this flower fabric bundling technique where you steam the fabric with metal to oxidize it and that locks in the colors. I have a lot of googling to do…

Another lady in the class is getting back into pattern design – she has worked in the industry in the past. Another guy who sat by me did not have experience in the fashion industry but rather he liked making fun costumes! He has made lots of pantaloons and fluffy collars. It was really fun to talk to him! I am going to slowly meet everyone in this class and learn from all of them.

Today we made a skirt block which is the fundamental basic pattern you could take to make a skirt. I double checked all my measurements at home with D (my husband… can’t take the time to write that every time).

The class moved at a really nice pace – you did not want to be late because I can see how you can fall behind. It is interesting to see a room of New Yorkers who deal with all sorts of trains make it on time to something. I have been rushing out of my house but successful so far.

Our main instructor is super friendly and pretty funny although the people in the class are a little shy (or I am loud). He told us at one point we could talk among ourselves but people were so quiet I asked him if he could tell us more about himself. He was born in Australia and then moved to London to work in fashion. He’s worked in fashion for over 20 years at different womenswear and menswear houses. He also went on project runway!

It was very interesting to learn about the ways that we would take our body measurements and divide them up to make front and back panels and adding in pleats. Benjamin shows us how to do everything with a big projector.

This is so great so far. After class I went to pick up a cotton to test the new pattern and see how the fit works. Of course they had an awesome Carolina Herrera mushroom print O.o I’m so excited to make a pencil skirt and hopefully matching bodice after next week! Since I have a Kanye dress, I think I will have this next one inspired by Les Claypol.

But! That’s not all! A staff member G cut the fabric for me down on the basement floor. He has helped me before and is quite nice. I left and went to Fedex to mail the veil to my cousin (ahh fingers crossed that works out). Cut to 30 min later when I’m at my train station waiting to come home and he also walked over to my area!! I did a stare of “Is that the guy from mood?” And he recognized me too! I waved and we started talking. We live in the same neighborhood. I told him that I could leave him alone if he was tired from a big day of work, but he said thanks and that he was more than willing to talk! He has worked in design and is super into modern clean designs for womenswear but it seemed like more of a specialty in menswear. We talked about all sorts or serging techniques and how he makes his own cardigans. Also sometimes when he makes a waistband he just let’s the inner edge lye flat with a bound edge. It takes out some of the bulk. Genius! I can’t wait to try this on the wild pants and the upcoming Les Claypol dress. It was so nice to talk to him and hear about all of his design tips and experiences! I was wearing the fall skirt and my tokyo purse and he was really nice and encouraging. I will be sure to try and say hi the next time I’m at Mood!

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