Liberty of London Fall Skirt

After a trip to London for work quite a few years ago, I learned about the fabric company Liberty of London from a coworker. I didn’t get a chance to go to the store with her, but I saw some of her clothes that she got there. They were super cute prints!

When I went to Mood and checked out their cotton section, it was so exciting to see that they had Liberty fabrics! They have many wonderful prints for all seasons.

For the fall, I wanted something in navy to match a pair of brown boots. With this skirt I experimented with making a lining in a solid navy cotton. This turned out pretty well, but I still have room to improve and I was winging it.

Over time, I will also work to improve the ability to make pleats and calculate the spacing ahead of time. Sometimes it’s a little tricky to hide the seams on the inner part of the pleat. With this skirt, I was also trying to be as frugal with the fabric as possible, so I think that made it a little more challenging.

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