The Les Claypool Skirt – Pattern Class Part 2 Project

So there’s room to improve my first try at pattern design, but I don’t want to blame my pattern block… I think I may have accidentally cut too much extra fabric for the hem and seams because it was originally quite wide. Either way, I slowly but surely took in the skirt once I tried on the first version.

I think I did the zipper quite well! It should lay nice and flat. Next time I think I will move on to invisible zippers. Those will be even a little nicer.

I used the new binding technique on the top waistline so that it lays nice and flat. I really like it and I will be sure to thank the man that gave me that tip!

Looking forward to making a matching bodice! In the meantime this skirt will be great for spring!

2 thoughts on “The Les Claypool Skirt – Pattern Class Part 2 Project

  1. Well done ,Coli! I do love that print. Soon your closet will be full of Coli designs and that’s a happy thing!


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