Pattern Making – Trying to make class 4 based on class 3 skills

Class was super fun! I have been trying to really think about all of the steps and proportion calculations we’ve been going through in class and I really want to be able to make sure I can apply these in many scenarios.

Based on the steps we just went through, I decided that it was time to try and make the back bodice using the back measurements and similar angle techniques. It seems to me like this should fit, although I made the pleate only 3/4 of an inch.

My notes say from class 1 that pleats are usually 1 1/4 inch… I decided to cut this to be a little flatter because I’d like it to be pretty flat on the back. I am also looking at the arm hole here and I feel like it may need to be a little wider. I just angled it out a bit and now it’s looking a little more like my expectations. (A to B lines)

The pattern paper is really thin and so next week I’ll be able to lay it on top of this version to see how accurate it is! I also might just try to sew it this week and report back on how it goes 🙂

One thought on “Pattern Making – Trying to make class 4 based on class 3 skills

  1. More learning, more adventure and meeting new, interesting people. How cool is that! Keep it up. Who knows where it will lead?


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