Pattern Class 4 of 6

Today is a very special pattern class. First we are going to make the back bodice and then we’re heading to a friend’s wedding! I am lucky I get to squeeze both in!

I did not want to wear my wedding clothes to class so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take the Les Claypool skirt out for a spin! I got quite a few compliments and one salesperson at Mood recognized it. The shirt & coat are not homemade… yet. (I also need to find a way to take this type of picture and not look like a instagram obsessed person)

I have been trying to sew a new bodice at home using fabric from a store I discovered in my neighborhood! They had lots of interesting prints and good deals. I picked up some cotton I could use to test my bodice pattern block. So far, it’s coming out too big again. I think I am cutting way too big of a seam allowance. I will try to learn in class.

Post class update:

Class was fun! We actually went through different steps to make the back of the bodice compared to the front. I need to ask next time why. I am really glad that they give us all the notes because this means that I’ll get to repeat it in the future.

At the end of class I took my pattern from last weekend and laid it out ontop of the new one. They match pretty close!! Its interesting to see that the class one is slightly wider and had a much deeper shoulder angle.

Below is a picture of the new dress using my homemade back bodice pattern. This was taken in a ton so it will be great to see how this compares to the version completely made via instructions in class.

I think I may make one new dress shirt for D in the meantime… he tore an old store bought shirt the other day so it would be nice to give him a replacement.

2 thoughts on “Pattern Class 4 of 6

  1. Hey girl, you sure are getting some creative juices flowing! Keep up the great work! Love and hugs, Grandma Nikki and Grandpa Jim

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