Pattern making Class 4: testing the bodice pattern

I’ve started to sew the bodice based on the MoodU bodice blocks. I’m using the same Carolina Hererra 2012 Mushroom Print fabric.

As I started to sew it together…

I found that this time it would have helped to add a slightly larger seam allowance. I had to bind the inner seams with a zig zag stitch instead of a french seam like I originally planned. Something to keep in mind next time.

I decided to try and make a peplum top. This is not something I usually wear but in my mind it will look cute! I am also using some antique buttons again from my grandmother. These are a mix of little pearly ones. To me, having them mismatched sort of amps up the Alice In Wonderland vibe. Now it’s time to sew a bunch of button holes! … and finish the arm holes and neckline… but I’m almost done!

Also, it’s probably clear but I put the shirt for D on hold just slightly because I want to be able to bring this shirt in for feedback from my teacher this weekend. Priorities right?

In class 5 we will be learning about how to adjust for different fit issues. That should be really interesting and it will be great to have a piece to show for recommendations.

One thought on “Pattern making Class 4: testing the bodice pattern

  1. You are really learning so much! I love that mushroom print. How fun to have class with such interesting people while you learn. Keep up the great work and thanks so much for adding to Davidson’s wardrobe.


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