Pattern Class 5

In class five we learned all about pattern modifications. This was great! It was so neat to have everything we learned in the previous class pull together and then build on it.

It was very interesting to…

learn about the placement of darts and our ability to move them around. Here you can see a few miniature test patterns we used to rotate the placement of the dart.

We also learned how to convert a dart into a princess seam bodice and how to combine the bodice side pieces (& more but I feel like I need to respect the intellectual property of the class)

I had an opportunity to show my instructors how the current bodice had come together and they liked the peplum! I think to fix a gap in the arms I am going to have to convert the top to princess seams and trim a little from the seam in the arm hole section. I may also apply this technique to the dress I made out of the lining of the wild pants. It will be nice to fix the fit of that dress before it starts to get too warm.

Now I get to try and think of the type of garment I want to make in the final class. I recently bought this really nice cotton silk from Mood.

I may try to make some type of gathered dress with a vneck. This fabric is a little thick and it has a sheen to it that may prove challenging. I want to be able to have a constructed top and then a voluminous skirt but to make it look nice it will be really important to get the proportions right at the waist.

I think I will just have to carefully plan it out and make sure that I sew all of the details properly. Otherwise I had been hoping to maybe explore making a wrap dress.

I will put that project on hold slightly until I finish the shirt for D and maybe one or two things for my parents.

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