Gandini Posey Skirt

This was the first Gandini fabric I ever purchased from Mood.It’s a really neat sturdy woven cotton that breathes really nicely and doesn’t wrinkle too much even after a day at work. Once I saw it in Mood, I kept thinking about it because the print is pretty unique and the fabric felt so nice. It’s sold in panels and this was the first time I bought one of those. When I started to try and figure out what I wanted to make with it…I was initially nervous because I didn’t want to cut into the fabric, mess up, and then have wasted such a nice piece of cloth. As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes the start of a project can be pretty intimidating because you have an idea in your head and I think there can be an initial fear about whether you’ll accomplish or get close to that goal. I try to always remind myself that even if I really messed up, I could probably take the leftovers and make some type of purse so it wouldn’t really be a waste. This was very early on in my initial sewing exploration so everything I was doing felt pretty new and was regularly broken up by watching YouTube videos (shout out Nick Verreos)Overall, it turned out quite nice and I get quite a few compliments about this skirt at work.  To make it, I basically draped it with only a dart on the side in the upper waist and a back zipper.  I think this was a nice way to keep the print uninterrupted around the body of the skirt.I also realize I technically posted about this skirt already, but it’s getting nicer out so it was time to talk about this project in a little more detail!

One thought on “Gandini Posey Skirt

  1. It DOES look great on you so I’m not surprised you get compliments. Fits you perfectly. It would also look cute with flats and a jean jacket in summer.


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