Pattern Class 5: Terrifying (& Exciting) Pattern Modifications for the Best Fit!

So as mentioned in the last Pattern Class 5 summary, my bodice had some gapey arm holes and it had to be adjusted further!

At first I tried low risk (and ineffective) solutions by trying to take in the sides at some angles to get rid of some of the fabric. After a few tries, it was time to use the techniques we learned in class – why did I wait?

Since I had sewn on the peplum, I couldn’t gather and increase the pleat at the bottom of the bodice. Thus it was time to add in the princess seam and convert the pleat.

I drew them in using my French curve and then figured out the amount of fabric I wanted to take out.

It was VERY scary cutting into the fabric because I had already put so much work into the other parts… but it worked out!!

This cotton has a little stretch and it made it much easier to make the princess seam without any big wrinkles. I think a key to that is also going slow.

I am curious to find a way to edit the pattern so that the side panel extends further and doesn’t make me cut off some sections of the shoulder.

Now I’m going to drop down the arm hole a little and finish the edges with some bias trim. I also have been eyeing the side closure because currently the button flap faces the front. I am going to add a new panel to the front and use that to add buttons and hide the original.

This is exactly what I had hoped to accomplish in this class and I’m so happy and excited for future topics.

Stay tuned to see the final finished look!

One thought on “Pattern Class 5: Terrifying (& Exciting) Pattern Modifications for the Best Fit!

  1. So glad it worked out. You are learning so much. You were willing to take the risk and it paid off. Now off to new adventures for you!


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