Pattern Class 6: My own design & the complete Les Claypool Outfit

Ta da! Bodice and skirt together!! Thanks Mood University!

We had brunch with friends today and I knew I wanted to be able to wear this in the spring weather and to my final class. This morning I decided that the skirt wasn’t hanging right and so I tore out the seams on both sides all the way to the hip and I re-measured and took in the sides to further taper the skirt. I was listening to a podcast and I kept making one more fix…and one more fix… Suddenly our train was leaving the station in 30 min and I hadn’t showered! Thankfully I had just finished the last last adjustment and we rushed through getting ready and headed out the door. We made it to lunch and after I jumped on the train to class.

All week I had also been trying to figure out what to try to use to design in my final pattern class…

I have been thinking about this idea in a red slightly textured silk… maybe. I want to learn about some sort of cool rope or crochet technique to make the section in the bottom.

I’m also thinking of trying to make the white dress that I had featured earlier. That fabric still seems like it might be a challenge just because it’s thicker and less drapey than normal. I think that will either make it prone to show every issue or maybe I will be surprised and it will be great.

I wonder if one day it will be weird if I mostly wear dresses that have gathered skirts and princess seam bodices? I hope that as long as the prints are unique and fun then it’s ok to wear a similar silhouette.

I think the next thing I will try to focus on learning will be related to fabric selection. I think there’s room to improve the ways I think about a fabric and determine what I want to make. It’s important that the feel and nature of the fabric compliments the design. Stay tuned for some research links!

Post class update! Class was great!!!!! My class friend and I looked at a lot of different design ideas and I showed him some of the dart techniques he missed in the last class. Benjamin came over and showed us how to make each of our designs. I showed him a sample of the white silk and he was confident that it would gather well and not cause too much bulk. I also told him all about how I used his pattern adjustments to adjust the fit of the outfit. He was so nice!!

The other instructor Sandro was super helpful and friendly too. He had approved of the button selections I showed him in the last class. At the end of class, Benjamin showed us how to make facings and mentioned bias trim. He then asked me if I used that on my outfit (I did) and then said “Can I put you on the spot?” And he told everyone how I had made my outfit from the class and I stood quick and everyone clapped briefly. It was really cool.

Last but not least, my friend also explained how to sew a blind hem. This makes it not appear through the front of the fabric. I had been looking at this stitch on my machine forever and I couldn’t figure out how it was supposed to be blind! It didn’t make any sense… until now! I am going to try this for sure on the white dress. I can’t wait!

Since this class is over now I have a bit of time to try out some new ideas. Stay tuned to hear about the next class… it starts in two weeks!

2 thoughts on “Pattern Class 6: My own design & the complete Les Claypool Outfit

  1. Got to find a better face over. I’m thinking pumpkin heads!

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