D has to wait more… pattern class 6 project!

I knew once I saw that lovely white fabric it was going to be hard to make a dress shirt for my husband.

I did make him two pairs of pants in a row recently so it’s fair right? He isn’t pressuring me, I feel like I just told the world I would do it and now I’ve put it off a little.

Either way – more about me lol. Here’s the game plan:

And now let’s springing into action!

I started to cut out the pattern from class again with a half inch seam allowance. I used the antique pinking shears from my grandma – they are HEAVY but still quite sharp.

This should help prevent the fabric from fraying as I sew it.

The right side of the fabric has quite a sheen to it, so I’ve learned how to sew the invisible hems at just the right time!

To make this dress even nicer, I am going to try and put in an invisible zipper. I think this might be asking a lot because sewing in silk can move around a lot, but I think I’ll be happiest with the end result. I haven’t done this before so this will be a pretty interesting experience that I will document here. So far, to start I’ve found this video that seems pretty helpful.

As an interesting side note, I feel like it’s helpful to remember the word “yet”. Whenever I’m taking on a new project, it’s just something I haven’t tried yet. For my mushroom dress, I sewed the side seams of my skirt literally at least 6 times. (As documented on this blog!) So my sewing and skills are not perfect either but rather just tons of trying and trying. The word yet gives me a feeling of accepting that I have room to grow in the future and these types of challenges are rewarding and fun. I think this helps me be less worried about how it will turn out and I have an expectation that I’ll struggle through each project with many little fixes. Shout out to Carol Dweck & the lovely book Mindset. My husband had to read this book for his work and this woman is a leader in her academic field. He recommended it to me when I was being to hard on myself and it has really made me rethink a few things and helped improve my sewing!

One thought on “D has to wait more… pattern class 6 project!

  1. Can’t WAIT to see that white dress completed. Keep up the great attitude. Do overs are truly a good way to learn.


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