Jason Wu Textured Skirt

Sometimes you need a black skirt for work! Continuing my secret plan to always be comfortable and look nice.

This was a beautiful fabric we saw at Mood. My husband was with me too and we were over in the brocade section, but someone had picked this out and the fabric cutters hadn’t put it away yet. It is a very thick (silk?) with a super interesting stitch in it that makes a swirl design. It can be very subtle depending on the lighting as you can see in the photos.

Sometimes I think about redoing this skirt. I gathered the waistline and I think the print of the fabric could possibly “speak” more if I turned it into more of a tailored pencil skirt. I will think about that more. I also think the leftovers of this could one day become a cool back panel in some type of motorcycle jacket. We’ll just have to see!

3 thoughts on “Jason Wu Textured Skirt

  1. That fabric does look interesting (nice) in the close up, but I can’t really tell it’s the same in the skirt photos. Looking forward to seeing this in person.


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