Well here I go posting about accepting challenges in sewing and here I am with tons of examples with this latest project. Read on to see a huge list of things that ideally won’t be repeated:

Challenge #1: My invisible zipper was too short so that idea is on hold because I would like to work on this project while it’s raining tomorrow and Mood & my local store are closed. Here are all the ones I tried to see if I could use:

Big normal zipper confirmed, it’s time to start sewing… but why does this new thread feel funny? Kind of like waxed dental floss and really strong? Well time for some googling…

Challenge 2:


Per the **Note in the picture, seems like I will have to pursue some type of hand sewing project in the future to use this thread as it’s not made for use in sewing machines. Well, now I know what type of thread to look for next time and I’ve learned to spend a little more time at the zippers and thread near the check out line.Thankfully I have some Dual Duty All purpose thread that also matches. Huzzah!

Lol time to actually start ironing the pleats and trying again to sew this thing. Thank goodness for the mental break of tiny complaining blog posts. 🙂 Or! How about something else??

Challenge 3: How about I cut the front bodice one more time? After sewing the back pleats it became clear that a princess seam would not be a good solution because the gleam of the fabric could pick up every little pucker. So I decided to transfer the arm gap down to the waistline (thanks Mood U for teaching me!)

I double checked the amount of fabric left and I should have plenty to gather and still have a hemline at my knee. This time I’ve learned to measure and plan twice, then cut once.Time to go to bed for tonight. So much for thinking I could do this in one night. (Really an aggressive goal… I think I was feeling really inspired from class)

To keep this project interesting, I also decided to add pockets!

I did mail our taxes on time!

CHALLENGE 4: I almost would have finished the dress this weekend if I didn’t sew the skirt twice too. This fabric has too much volume to gather and first I looked like a clown and then just poofy enough that my husband said “Oh you have to do that again”. I think I have cut the neckline too wide too.

^this is no good. I am going to take the skirt apart for the third time and try to sew it back in as a much more tailored pencil skirt. Basically mushroom dress without the peplum.

As I slowly cut down the skirt, it was time to trim off the pockets which I had decided to pursue as a fun feature since I couldn’t do the invisible zipper. With a narrower pencil skirt bottom, I no longer could afford the extra bulk.


Hopefully this will let me save this wonderful fabric. I will try to think extra hard about the silhouette and fabric pairing in the future. Although, I also think this is something I just need to build up experience with via experimentation.

The zipper went in fine except for when my bobbin ran out of thread 2/3rds through O.o. I am not counting this as a challenge because this is already a huge post.

Challenge 5: I forgot to wash this fabric before I started sewing. Whyyyyyyy???? Since this is silk, it is highly likely it will shrink or do who knows what. Last night I was showing my husband the new pencil skirt part and it dawned on my that I skipped this step. I think I was so excited by the print I accidentally got ahead of myself. So I threw the dress in a garment bag in the washing machine and went to bed. In the morning I pulled it out and hung it up in a doorway to dry. The colors didn’t bleed so that was good. Now when I get home I’ll try it on after watching the latest episode of One Punch Man (got to balance this sewing project with something easier and positive lol). We shall see what happens next!Overall, I think I need to start a checklist at the beginning of each project:

  • Washed fabric?
  • Right thread?
  • Long zipper? Zipper style?
  • Other trim?
  • Pattern design? Any fit concerns or fabric flow concerns?

This has been quite a challenge but these are the times you improve your skills by stretching a little more than usual!

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