A shirt for my mom!

It’s been quite a while since my mom and I picked out this fabric at Mood but it’s finally time to make her a nice shirt! Which buttons would you choose?

She and my dad liked the tan ones with two holes.

I am going to be using this Butterick pattern with a few modifications

I am using the sleeves and princess seams of E with a bit of an extension on the length of the shirt. Then I’m adding the pockets from A. I will also be adding a collar but a slightly more formal version that I’m borrowing from my husband’s dress shirt pattern.

3 thoughts on “A shirt for my mom!

  1. I personally like the larger brownish ones because they pick up the tan/brown hues in the pattern so well. On the other hand the smaller cream buttons would also look nice, but would be less noticeable due to their size. You can’t make a mistake with either choice. Is this a surprise or does your Mom get to pick?
    Happy Easter!

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