Tambour Needle Experiments

For my birthday, D got me a Tambour needle!!!! I saw this technique on instagram and had to learn more. It looks like it will be tricky to start but then way faster for beading and embroidery techniques. It seems like you get more flexibility to sew any direction and place the beads so that they lay nicely on the fabric. I think once I get the hang of it I’ll be able to move with some speed – almost like knitting.

I started by trying to make a flower on some basic light green tulle fabric. I’m going to swap out the button for some loops of beads but for now this was just a test run. It still looks cute too!Look at how far I got! (Click through to page 2)

You connect the beads by creating a series of loops that lock the beads onto the fabric. I started by using a tulle for the first try because I thought the netting would be the easiest to pull the needle through. Let me tell you… this takes some practice and this took me about two hours.I tried to find a way to take a video but I really need both hands to do this…Also at the end of the night I stood up to put things away… and there was an explosion of beads – what happened? Turns out when you make something exclusively out of concentric loops… when you pull on a string you can pull out almost all your work! Oh well… It’s not like I didn’t need to practice more!

Update: I have started to slightly modify my technique. On Instagram, people were keeping the beads on the needle, but the instruction manual that came with this needle recommended that I keep the beads on the string instead. I think since I’m not switching bead colors this is pretty helpful. There are still some times where I accidentally pull the string and lose a few loops, but now the beads don’t spray everywhere because they’re already on the string. I may make a skirt out of this and ha e the tulle layer hang on top. We shall see..

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