Shirt for D – working session part 2

So far, I have three ongoing projects – this shirt, my jersey knit dress, and the Tambour beading – things could not be better. If I have TV to watch – it’s tambour time. If I want to listen to a podcast or audio book? D sewing machine shirt. Am I in the city? Jersey stretch fabric time.I have been listening to some true crime podcasts. My Favorite Murder is the best, but I tried a new one called Casefiles and it may be too scary. To balance it out – there are some interesting recordings of 60 Minutes, and some others like an audio book of 1984 and the Dresden Files. It makes the time go by!Either way, as I’m preparing to work on the collar and then sleeves and cuffs, it will be nightime and I may have to put Casefiles on hold so that I can go to sleep without fears of people hiding in our closets. Only cool handmade clothes are allowed there!Here’s the collar of the shirt – I forgot to take “in progress pictures”See a close up and progress on the packets for the sleeves below!I am trying so hard to match up the stripes and make this shirt as even as possible. You can see between the inner collar and outer front of the flaps of the collar, I matched the stripes pretty well here. But the front of the collar stripes are not quite even between both sides. I will have to keep that in mind next time. I don’t think I want to completely redo that section just now because I’d have to tear out a few different seams and resew many parts. I think this still looks pretty nice.Up next was starting to work on the plackets. Look at these little plackets just waiting to become part of a sleeve:These little guys can be very tricky to sew nicely. They create the little gap in the arm right above a cuff that enables the wearer to unbutton and roll up their sleeves.To put them in place, you sew them on the inner wrong side of the fabric and then flip them through the slice of the sleeve hole. There is then quite a bit of sewing and pinning involved – again really trying to align the stripes. You then top stitch the plackets in place.I finished one last night:The bottom of this sleeve will eventually get tucked into the cuff pieces but that’s not for a little while. The cuffs are always the hardest part for me because you’ve already done so many detailed things and then this challenge is still left. They are sort of finicky due to the line alignment and order of sewing the pieces so that the outer cuff area looks as clean as possible. Either way! We’re not at that phase yet. Just a preview of what’s to come.

2 thoughts on “Shirt for D – working session part 2

  1. The shirt looks so professional. D must be in his glory wearing these great clothes sewn by you. Who else has that? I love your entertainment pairings with each project.

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