Shirt for D Complete- Finishing the Sleeves and Adding the Final Buttons

Alright -so we left off when I had completed one placket. Next steps were to finish the other placket, add in the sleeve pleats I forgot, attach the sleeves, finish the side seams, add the cuffs and then just the buttons. I think this ended up being 3 working sessions to get all the way to adding the buttons but I’m going to condense this here.

Here is a quick shot of the finished plackets. Read on to see the next steps!

After the plackets were complete, it was time to add in the arm pleats at the cuff and then attach the arm pieces to the body. Here is the arm getting sewn in:Here you can see some basting stitches I use to gather the shoulder a little and ease the two pieces together. I decided to try and sew these as french seams so initially this is why the seam is poking out on the good side of the fabric.From here, I flipped the whole thing over, ironed the seam flat and then resewed the seam so that all the edges of the first seam were locked inside the new seam. I think these are the nicest and softest seams but sometimes they’re hard to complete on curved surfaces.Once I finished these seams, I pulled out the strings I used to gather the shoulders. This will make the shirt even more comfy because all the threads will be locked on the inside.Next, this is when I realized I forgot the cuff pleats. Oops.Fixed with a little basting stitch (just some long stitches that are inside the seam allowance – they give support and strength to the fabric but don’t show on the outside of the garment once the cuffs are added). From there that was the end of the night once I did the other arm too. Last night, I started and worked my way through closing the sides of the shirt and completing the cuffs.I used a french seam to close the sides. I think this will be one of my nicest shirts yet. From there, it was cuff time. I find that the shape and narrowness of the cuff is easiest to sew if you take of the wider space platform of the sewing machine base. Making cuffs is pretty interesting because you sew the cuff inside out and then flip it over and top stitch through. Here you can see it flipped inside out.Here it is flipped right side out:Then here it is with some topstiching that locks everything in place!At the end of the night, I had finished both cuffs and it was time to plan out button placement.This shirt will be a little bolder and more colorful due to these bright little guys. The cuffs also came out a little wider than earlier shirts and so I think they’ll look best with two buttons.Tonight I’ll wrap this up with adding all these button holes.

In the last sewing session I added the button holes and finished putting every button in place. Ta da!

A new work shirt is born.

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