Knit Class Part 2

Today I was slightly late to class at Mood U due to wrapping up a project at work but what can you do?

I still managed to get caught up on what I missed and learned how to lay out the fabric properly (fold on the rib of the fabric!) And then lay down the pattern pieces and cut them out.

The tape measure got a few comments from the teachers in class! It is vintage from my grandmother and they though it was really cool! 🙂

I also learned that apparently I don’t own fabric scissors… I’ve been using paper scissors on everything. I will try to borrow some fabric scissors next time to learn about what I’m maybe missing.

The jersey I’m using shrunk when I washed it so I had to flip one of the fabric pieces to make it all fit. I also ran out of fabric so this will be sleeveless. Since I’m going to miss the last two classes it’s probably better if I have a little less to sew.

Everyone in class is super nice so this continues to be really fun. 🙂 Next week we start sewing! Can’t wait!

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