Pom Pom Dress Part 2

To pick up where we left off, I had to attach the skirt, finish the sleeves, add buttons, and then make a call on whether to add pom poms to the hem of the dress.I finished the sleeves and skirt to top attachment and it took a while to find the right placement of the waistline. Additionally, I added two back darts to improve the fit.Now comes the hard question:How crazy does this look?I can’t tell if I am making something cute or a pixie-tourist-nightmare. I keep imagining that I’m on Prject Runway and this would be the time that Tim Gunn or Christian Siriano tells me to use an editing eye. However, when I don’t have the trim in place, this dress seems kind of weird and boring.I am also thinking about adding the trim around the sleeves. Or maybe the edges of the collar? I think the collar would be too much… but the sleeves? Debatable. Unless you think it all is too much. But in NYC are things allowed to be too much?

3 thoughts on “Pom Pom Dress Part 2

  1. I like the trim around the bottom, finishing the hem. It looks good there, pulling the yellow flowers to the front and making the blue become background. I think it might get busy with more trim at the neck and sleeves.

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  2. Seeing the yellow poms laying out where they would actually be placed really adds some sass! I love the idea of using them I limited places. That color just makes the pattern spark.

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