Pom Pom Dress Part 3 of 3 + Finished Pictures!

I’ve been a little busier in the evenings than I expected and so it’s taken me a little while to finish up the last pieces of this dress.Over one night, I sewed all of the button holes and this was not the easiest feat because each one was a different size. It wasn’t hard, but I was just very careful about keeping each button in order so that the sizes could be matched to the right size hole. I have a special button hole sewing foot that holds the button to make the exact size and so thankfully this is pretty easy to get right. Sometimes, I’ve noticed if I’m sewing thicker sections of fabric, it can be tougher for the foot to move over some sections. Sometimes that makes the hole a little funny. I only had one of those in this shirt so for now I’ll take it :)On night 2 I was able to sew the corresponding buttons in place and cut open the button holes. At the end of the night I was able to try it on and I pinned the additional pom pom trim in place. I actually think it looks better with the trim!! It’s exciting to feel like my gut and initial idea was right all along. The remaining question will still be whether I also add the trim to the sleeves. I am going to wait until the bottom is done before I officially determine if I should do the arms too.I am thinking I will finish this in my next session. Read below to see the final dress!Update:I added the trim to the bottom of the dress and decided to hold off adding to to the arms.From here, it was done and time to wear it out into the city on a lovely spring day to meet a friend for Dim Sum!

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