Poodle Dress – the Cotton version of a Carolina Hererra print

I loved this fabric so much the first time, when I saw a cotton version I knew I had to make something else too!

To me, it feels very business appropriate – but I’m not a lawyer lol so I think I get to have a little more fun with my choices.

See below for all the steps – but overall I’m quite happy with the skirt!

I am planning to make a pencil skirt and another peplum style top that I can hopefully mix and match with some other outfits too. See below for progress on the first working session!

First it was brief sketching time.

I may change the top a little but I think I’d like something a little loose with a ruffle sleeve. Maybe I’ll just make a top like the mushroom outfit. I will bead a little leash that will be 1950s poodle skirt style 🙂 it will be interesting to see if I can do this with the tambour needle!

I started by laying out the fabric and planning the placement of my pattern blocks and jumping right in!

Here is the back zipper going into place:

I also found two little holes that I mended. This hasn’t happened before but maybe this is why Ms Carolina Herrera made this fabric available.

I tried a mending technique I’ve seen on some pinterest videos. It went okay… but it’s harder to weave the threads on the good side when they’re the same color as the fabric. Hopefully this holds up.

That was all for this day! Next I will finish sewing the zipper, make the front pleats, set the side seams in place and do any further tailoring and then just finish all the hems/waistline. Easy peasy! There has been lots of rain this spring and it’s doing wonders for my wardrobe 🙂

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