Cotton Flower Shirt Part 1

I wanted a nice white blouse to go with some of my new skirts.

It was time to get sewing! Read more below!

Here is the only picture I took during the actual construction… whoops…

I found this really nice cotton fabric at Joann’s. It’s a cotton with a big white flower print embroidered into it. For this first top, I decided to skip the sleeves and make a collar similar to some of the neat blouses I had seen at Jcrew. This seemed like a fun way to make a shirt for work. Here it is on action in the train on our hottest day yet – yuck lol. It is also hard to sneak selfies on crowded trains!

Here are a few more pics of the top with my Gandini fabric skirt:

2 thoughts on “Cotton Flower Shirt Part 1

  1. I love that top! It will also look great with your blue poodle skirt. I bought a top with a similar pleated collar last year at Anthropologie and I have noticed they are suddenly everywhere now.

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    1. Yeah! I think it will look nice with that skirt too! They are popular and so easy to make! I probably only spent $20 on this fabric top though whereas Anthropologie can be quite a bit more.


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