Cotton Flower Shirt Part 2

Why make one shirt when you can have two???

Fresh off the sewing machine and ready for our summer weather! This is a new version of a boxy blouse that I bought in my old store-shopping-life from JCrew.

Paired here with the latest Carolina Herrera poodle print cotton pencil skirt. See more pics below!

I really enjoyed this project – it was so easy too. The bodice is really just a square that I finished with french side seams. The sleeves are just small sleeves with big gathered rectangles attached to make the bell.

I am going to keep experimenting with a bunch of different and easy top styles so that I can have some nice basics to pair with all my skirts. Also I really enjoy spending about $20 for the white fabric to make both of these shirts compared to the origianal $40 to $75 (or more) from retailers. It is nice to feel like I’m getting a fancier outfit than I could in a store.

But first – some more shorts for D! Stay tuned!

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