It’s all about the process – New Summer Shorts

As we’re heading into warmer weather I wanted to make something nice and comfy for D. We found this nice cotton at Joanns and I used the fabric of his most recent shirt (fabric from Mood) for the lining!

This Vogue V8988 pattern is great. I tried to do a nicer job of taking pics throughout the process. See below!

Here was the front panels of the pants. I know these are mostly done… I swear I take more thorough pictures lower down!

Here’s all the funny sewing to get the fly zipper in place.

Hmmm that’s a nice looking front pocket!

The big learning breakthrough I had on an early pair of pants was figuring out that you sew the pant back panel and pockets with the right sides together and then cut the hole and flip everything through. You can see the process start here:

Getting ready to flip this pocket outside-in and sew it in place:

Here’s the first welt pocket… top stitching was not my best here. This cotton has a looser weave and so I have a little less control than normal. I think it will be relatively unnoticeable once D is wearing them:

I managed to try something new on these back pockets and I figured out how to finish the edges with french seams! You can see everything is tucked together so nicely:

Damn… that’s a nice looking pocket!

Front pockets and zipper with not finished fly:

Here’s the back pockets:

Tonight I’ll finish the waistband, fly, and hem the legs!  Just in time for the long weekend!

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