Laundry Disaster RIP Green Pants and Best Shirt

Well, right before I left for vacation I had a clothing massacre in which I sent a red pen though the wash and dried everything before discovering it. I took out my new favorite shirt for D and the green pants. I additionally killed 3 Banana Republic shirts. Yikes! I was sad but it was too late already. Lessons learned.

The green pants had gotten lots of wear already. The dress shirt was really nice… I had sewn all the seams as french seams and really put a lot of effort into aligning the stripes. The buttons were nice too. Hmmm. I will go to Mood and see if I can get the same or similar fabric for a repeat.

I casually tried to do some mending techniques to cover the spots up but so far it does not look as good as pinterest (visible on the left collar edge). Looks like I made my first smock.

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