New projects – Laundry Issues continue!

So I visited Mood to get new fabrics to replace the poor little red ink disaster shirts and I was pretty excited with my picks – a white woven cotton, some small tangential circles, and a pretty interesting geometric square print.

I put them all in the washer and dryer together and… they ran! (To be completely fair, I left them wet overnight in the washing machine. I think this is totally my fault and where I messed up)

So much for the white shirt. X_X it’s a light tyedye in about 1.5 yards. Maybe that’s cool enough that it will become a shirt for myself? The problem is that it’s quite faint so I dont think it looks intentional. Calling it tyedye is really being generous and it looks more like blotchy ink…

I think the culprit was the cool squares.

So cool… but maybe evil…

What do I do now?

I am going to start with sewing the small circle shirt and maybe wash the blue squares again by themselves.

Wish me luck! Or give me advice lol I’ll take that too!

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