New Dress for My Mom & Finishing the Knit Class

I saw this fabric at Joanns and new she would like it!

It was time to test out the skills I learned in my knits class at MoodU

Due to some travel, I’m going to miss the fifth and sixth Mood U classes, but I still felt like I learned a lot in the class and I have a good understanding of the fundamentals of knit fabric.

My machine at home does not have the exact stretch stitch we used at Mood but is has a zig zag stitch and this can be used sometimes too.

I decided to make a sleeveless dress.

This was pretty easy to pull together and I think it looks pretty nice. I brought it up to Vancouver once for a fitting with my mom and it became pretty apparent that I needed to take in the fabric in the shoulder area.

I cut out about 4 inches and gathered it. I then supported the stretch fabric with one of the straps from the bodice I cut off my yellow skirt. This was a technique I learned at Mood U to provide stability to this type of fabric.

Ta da!

It may be hard to give this one back to my mom lol. I am definitely wearing it to work today either way.

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