It was 95 degrees in my house – time to sew some fleece pjs lol

Well, the AC was broken and while we waited for the repair man I needed something to do. I had already watched the whole second season (excluding the finale) of Big Little Lies and the Fencing World Championships stopped streaming from Budapest by 3pm ish too. It was so hot but we had to stay in the house until the repairman came. I didn’t want to do dishes but I was tired of being on the couch.

With a fan blasting at me, I decided it would be relatively easy to make a pair of PJs I had promised D since our last trip to Joanns.

I used a Vogue V8988 pattern as a base but straightened the legs and extended the waist to make room for a fold over drawstring waistband.

See below for the process and final project!

To make the pockets, I actually used the same process as the Simplicity Vancouver dress. Working with fleece was also really interesting because it was pretty easy to sew and the seams don’t fray so you don’t need to finish them. (At least that’s what I understand right now)

Here I am joining the two legs together

To create a drawstring, I found an old shoelace I had lying around from a pair of winder boots. Here’s the final look!

In all honesty I tried to make the stripes line up on the front but I didn’t try hard enough to make them look this good. This is a lucky and awesome accident!
Pocket detail!

Davidson tried these on for about 30 seconds and agreed they were great – but it was 95 degrees in the apartment so I did not make him post for pictures. We both agreed they’d be great in the future 🙂

2 thoughts on “It was 95 degrees in my house – time to sew some fleece pjs lol

  1. Oh my! 95 degrees! I’m surprised you could even move. The jammies look professional and cozy. I’m sure D loves them.


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