New Summer Shorts

D liked the blue cotton shorts so much so we decided to make him another pair. He really likes red so this cotton from Joanns seemed like it would be great.

See below for all the details!

To start, I visited our pile of old shirts and took apart one where the front placket had torn open in the laundry. RIP old shirt, now you are being reborn as pocket lining!

From here it was time to cut out the red cotton for the shorts.

Similar to the Pjamas I made recently, I love using this Vogue 8988 pattern to and just cropping it into shorts. By working on this off and on I was able to finish the front pocket panels.

Next, it will be time to sew the front fly! These are always tricky but getting easier each time! I think this will be my 6th (green, blue, & khaki pants, and dark grey and light blue shorts).

I have quite a bit of this red fabric left over. It’s a little rough so I’m worried a dress might be too scratchy – what should I make? Maybe some pleated pants like a cropped trouser?

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