Red Shorts part 2

It was time to do the fly and start the welt pockets! (With a new technique)

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So here’s where we left off with the finished front pocket:

In the photo above, you can see two parts: the front side of one which looks like a normal diagonal pant pocket, and the inside view of the other which is the pocket lining that would rest against your body in the finished shorts. I finished these with french seams and I think they look quite nice!

Next, I started to pin up the zipper for the front fly. You can also see the special zipper foot I use. This is a fantastic sewing foot.

Sewing a fly is interesting every time because there are a decent amount of shapes pieces of fabric that you flip over and baste together at various times. Each step is important to make sure that the zipper becomes the unifying entity between both front pant panels and place it such that when its fully zipped it doesn’t open up or gape. It’s a fun challenge that just requires double checking the pattern instructions!

This is the view of the first set of steps from the inside of the pant

Next up! Welt pockets. I’m trying a new technique this time and sewing 4 little strips around the pocket slices to see if this makes the final pocket cleaner looking. Store bought welt pockets are so clean, I know there’s a way I can achieve that quality!

These will get flipped inside out and attached to the pocket lining next!! Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Red Shorts part 2

  1. It’s funny how much I’m learning. For example: the name for “welt pockets”. Been looking at them for decades and never knew they had a name.

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    1. I find learning the vocab to be really interesting too. Sometimes it feels like a lot especially in terms of fabric types. But I’m just picking it up bit by bit! I will try to focus on explaining these terms a little bit more too!


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