Vacation Sewing Part 2 & Finished Polka Dot Americana Dress!

As mentioned it was tons of fun to visit the local fabric stores and explore using my father in law’s sewing machine. He was the sewist in the family! Next time, I will take a few pictures of his projects!

A Fashion Mate 275

I wish I had taken even more in progress photos but overall this was my first project drafting the pattern from scratch for someone else. It is so exciting to have an opportunity to try sewing for someone else and to see how different adjustments can make the design better for each of us.

It was really exciting to see how much my mother in law liked this dress! She is very into accessorizing – and I see why – she’s fantastic at it!

See more pictures below! And thanks for being such a great muse!

Here is a nice back view – I am really liking this dotted belt to match the dress!
side view – this was finished with french seams, the bodice is constructed with princess seams. (also – does this make sense to non sewers? this means all of the seams are sewn such that the raw edges are tucked in on themselves within the seam. The shape of the seams in the bodice basically goes from the waistline, over the curve of the bust through to the arm hole)
It looks pretty good with this sun hat!
While it’s hard to look away from the amazing gardening, I think this length hits at a nice part of the knee!

Now that I have these measurements, I’m hoping to experiment a little further with a few other designs in the future. I also am going to try and seek out a few other friends who will let me test pattern drafting with them. Fun times ahead!

PS: Full credit for the pattern skills goes to my teacher Benjamin Mach at Moodu! If you’re in the NYC area – take their classes!!! No fear! Do it!

3 thoughts on “Vacation Sewing Part 2 & Finished Polka Dot Americana Dress!

  1. Coli, that whole dress thing was so cool. I’m still amazed at the way you could just make a dress like that with no pattern except the one you made with copy paper. And…on top of that using a 1973 Singer sewing machine that’s been sitting in the basement unused for decades. That’s what I call an accomplishment. Yet this is only the beginning of great things to come. I love being your muse and as you pointed, accessorizing. Can’t wait to see what you create next!


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