Red Shorts part 3 – Finished!

We left off with the welt pockets!

This new technique was interesting. I’m not sure if it lead to a better finished project like I thought it would. See below for the final inner lining and final look!

I also made the pocket lining like this:

Here was the finished looked! He is not the most excited model even though he says these are his favorite yet 🙂

Here you can see a few more views of the final shorts and lining. These were taken after brunch so they have a more worn-in look 🙂

While we were waiting on the train platform, I made D roll the hem of these shorts – it’s kind of a fun detail and very Tyler C (LOL)
omg sorry i’ll learn how to click and focus my camera lol looking at this on my computer and it’s so different than my phone
boom! french seam lined pockets!!! waistband lining design from George at Mood via train tips!!

Ta da! 🙂

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