Big Blouse Weekend – return of the Blue Squares

After working through a series of fabrics that I had accumulated in my summer fabric pile (the podcast I listen to calls it a fabric collection) I felt like I had gotten to a place where I could think about some transitional pieces for fall and winter and try to make some nicer work dresses with sleeves. I got a few things at mood… stay tuned.

First though, I also wanted to make a few more basic work tops that I could match with all of my skirts and continue to use all of my fabric as resourcefully as possible.

I try to bring some balance to my sewing with this approach too. So if I buy new fabric, I need to make sure I’ve used most of the earlier stuff. Similarly, I try to keep an eye on old fabrics and see if there are cute projects I can use for the leftovers.

A while ago, I had discovered that my blue poodle Carolina Herrera fabric seemed to match the blue squares. I had said I’d make a top. Before I dig into my new fabrics, I decided I needed to make this top so that I still had time to wear it in the summer. From there, I could make another blouse with something new.

See below for the process and final look!

I started by cutting all the fabric pieces. In that process, it started to be clear that these two prints together were really loud. Like way too much even for me. I had planned to have the poodles down the middle of a peplum top and the side panels be the squares. It was starting to look like too much. With that in mind, I cut out the side panels in the squares too and started to make a nice peplum top.

It was time to sew! Tons! This actually only took a day to whip up and fit. For the fit, I took a little bit out of the princess seams in the front and back to avoid my most common fit item – gapey arm holes! They follow me everywhere but I am starting to tackle them at least for myself semi efficiently and with less fear.

I am going to use the abandoned poodle fabric to make a similar top next. I still have enough to make shorts possibly too. I will become the poodle lady of nyc lol

So with all that said – this is loud right? But is it too loud? I think it maybe is and needs to be broken up in different outfits. At least they are cute independently too 🙂

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