Look who tried sewing! The poodle peplum

I am so proud of D! One night we were talking and I asked if he would ever want to try to see how it worked and he agreed that it could be cool.

With that in mind, last night I started to make the poodle peplum to expand further my Carolina Herrera print wardrobe. At first I was working on all the bodice seams for the front and back panels. It then became time to attach them at the shoulder and when I looked at the very straight seam it occurred to me that D could do it!

I grabbed him from the other room and picked up a scrap of I folded in half.   From there I showed him how the presser foot went down and then how to hand crack a few stitches forward. I also briefly lifted up the fabric to show how the shuttle circled around to pick up the thread. From there, it was pedal time! He did a great job going forward and then we backstitch a little!

It was time to try again on the final pass on the french seam! I had already sewn the inner seam and so we flipped it inside out and d sewed it down!! I’m so proud of him! See below for more bodice pictures.

As I’d mentioned earlier, I had originally intended for this fabric to be matched up with my blue square fabric, but it started to be too much all together. As an alternative, I decided to make a poodle top that would be 100% poodle print.

Here was the placket getting created. I’ve started to sew these a little wider to avoid gapey or stressed button holes

From here, I completed the front and back seams, including clipping little triangles into the inner seams so that they would lay nicely when they get reversed inside the inner seam. This avoids creating a clunky seam.

For the final element of the shirt I started to work on the final fit for the seams and the peplum. Here is was pinned together and with the original skirt!

It started too be many poodles right? I dunno. Maybe with some really cute heals and a tied up hair do I could swing it. Stay tuned for the final look 🙂

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