New Leggings!

My work with stretch fabrics has continued and with the right machine it’s not that hard!!

I used an old pair of spandex shorts to cut out the right shape and make these leggings.

They have a pocket on the side of the left leg too.

These are a subtle yet reflective camo print which I realize is a bit of an oxymoron or just a worst nightmare for someone actually looking to blend into a forest.

We got to play a little night tennis last week. Trying to enjoy all the nice weather before it’s too cold.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “New Leggings!

  1. Good morning Nicole, As usual you never cease to amaze me! Great work!

    You are so right to enjoy the decent weather before the cold sets in. We have been trying to do the same…we have had a little rain lately….it rained during the night but is just really windy now. Can’t complain as we have had some pretty awesome weather up till now.

    We keep checking the mail……so far, nada. Looking forward to the package’s arrival.

    Have a great weekend! Love n hugs, Us 3

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