MeMadeMay 2021 Week 1

It’s Me Made May! I’m going to try and wear clothing I made all month – at least one peice per day!

Here’s how it’s going so far!

Leggings for tennis on May 1

May 2 – this blue cotton dress on a walk to get the mail

May 3 A linen dress with fabric my mom and I bought in Vancouver

May 4 a Liberty of London dress I made last summer during the height of the pandemic

May 5 kind funny but the same print -just in yellow instead of purple -bought many years apart!

May 6 a beta fish top I sewed during the pandemic

May 7 my ULTIMATE house dress. Fabric from a small local shop in NJ. I also make this new relaxed denim blazer for work. To make it a bit more fun I made a Mulan patch and sewed it on the back -i love the original movie so much after so many years. This is from the scene where she wipes off half her makeup in the reflection of a pond.

2 thoughts on “MeMadeMay 2021 Week 1

  1. Nicole,you’re so talented! I had not seen most of your creations shown today.Really love the jacket with logo? on back and black top with koi!Just love seeing your work!!Love you and that Davidson!

    ================================== Jeanne & Carl Lalonde ==================================

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