A Covid Dress

Last summer I started buying all my fabric online due to the pandemic. It became challenging to understand exactly what I was buying each time… except the Liberty of London cotton – this fabric is always so nice and easy to work with.

This dress is a modified Simplicity pattern where I added a big ruffle at the bottom and gave it a side zip under the arm.

I also finished it with some leftover scraps from an old dress shirt that we converted to masks.

Thanks to my brother in law who took these great photos!! It’s every interesting to see how the different film captures the colors differently.

2 thoughts on “A Covid Dress

  1. A very cool dress! Reminds me of the dirndl skirts when I was a teen.(the ruffle that is )Nice pattern…looks good on you! Nana.

    ================================== Jeanne & Carl Lalonde jeanneandcarl@gmail.com ==================================


  2. Hello ColiI Yet another beautiful design! The first thing I noticed though with the very lovely model. Such a beautiful setting too. Lovely dress and I love Liberty of London fabrics.It’s very interesting how in one lens of the camera the dress looks like it’s got a lot of blue in it. With another lens it looks like it’s mostly green. But in either color it is a lovely dress. I enjoy all your posts can’t wait to see what you create next! Kudos to the photographer!


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