My first Up-cycling project

I’m now working on my first upcycling project using a silk skirt from my grandmother. She was really skinny so I have to shorten the skirt to broaden the waistline.

I am going to try and make a ruffled gathered top out of a silk chiffon to match but for now I found this old shirt in my closet.

So far, I’ve been hand sewing the chiffon as it helps avoid pulls in the fabric. I’m making a front panel and a back panel that I’ll join at the sides and gather at the neckline.

Vacation Clothes Part 2

The wedding day was lovely! We looked at the small crabs, clams, and hermit crabs in the tidal pools and I wore my retropom pom 50’s dress.From there we headed to the local farmer’s market and bought some local jams. It was then time to get ready for the ceremony and I decided to wear my mushroom outfit.

The ceremony was beautiful and my cousin wore the veil I had made. She looked so beautiful and it was wonderful to see her and her husband so happy together. Stay tuned for more pictures once I get access to my mom’s photos 🙂Everything about the wedding was beautiful and there was a really cool gigantic long table that looked out onto the small bay.What a fun day to celebrate with family!

Knit Class part 1

I’ve now finished Mood U Knit Class day 1! It was really fun!

We will be learning techniques to sew knit fabrics with zig zag stitches and other techniques. I really look forward to learning these techniques.

We picked out a pattern, identified our size, and went and picked out our fabric.

My neighborhood friend was working and he helped me find a good one! He works with stretch fabrics a lot so his advice was greatly appreciated.

It will be interesting to see what we learn next week. I am really looking forward to it.

It was the same teachers as last time (Ben and Sandro) but this time the class is much smaller – only 6 of us. This is pretty cool because it means we’ll hopefully get a lot of advice.

I am also continuing to make lots of progress with my Tambour embroidery

Tambour Needle Experiments

For my birthday, D got me a Tambour needle!!!! I saw this technique on instagram and had to learn more. It looks like it will be tricky to start but then way faster for beading and embroidery techniques. It seems like you get more flexibility to sew any direction and place the beads so that they lay nicely on the fabric. I think once I get the hang of it I’ll be able to move with some speed – almost like knitting.

I started by trying to make a flower on some basic light green tulle fabric. I’m going to swap out the button for some loops of beads but for now this was just a test run. It still looks cute too!Look at how far I got! (Click through to page 2)

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Spring Outfit!

It’s starting to get warmer here although later today they are saying it’s going to rain. I still felt like it was time to break out some of my summer dresses and lay a sweater over them with the Gandini scarf.

This is a dress I made from on of my Joann fabric purchases last year.Overall the fit of the dress is pretty standard. I tried to make it more interesting by beading the hem with a series of silver and pearly white beads. I did this just by threading them on a needle and stitching them in place. I still kind of feel like this needs something else. Maybe I should have used sparklier beads? Suggestions anyone? See the full dress below

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Friday Night Fun

Saw an interesting video on how to make tassels and I decided to give it a try! A friend of mine used to make really amazing ones and she moved away so I miss being able to talk to her about crafting as often.

I bought the embroidery thread at the local store and got some buttons for an upcoming project too.

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The latest veil continued!

This veil is heading to Kelowna, BC to hopefully match the dress of my cousin for her wonderful upcoming wedding! I took a few pictures before shipping it this time. I really hope it matches her dress, but worst case it will be time to get crafting!

My cousin hopefully has a steamer…

A Modern Semi-Flower Print Scarf

This is another really nice Anna Sui panel from Mood. This pattern was really interesting because it was a little more geometric than other items I usually pick out but it still had that scalloped design that reminded me a bit of flower print 🙂

Hand rolled hems again!

Along the lines of panels and fabric design, I have started to look into a few new techniques or ways to start to make my own fabric too. Spoonflower is a company that will let you upload your own design and print it out on a wide variety of fabrics. The prices are not as high as I had expected either. I do not have the most advanced computer or digital drawing skills, so I have some further research to do in order to make this an option.

Separately, I have also started to investigate hand painting techniques. There are these great videos here and here for hand painting silks with a gutta that blocks out the individual sections. This video really describes the techniques step by step and this second video has some great technique tips and examples of different fabric results!! I am wrapping up a few projects right now and about to start a class on pattern making… so after that I will probably fit a trip into Home Depot to buy some pvc pipe to make a frame.

Last but not least, I also discovered this Japanese print making technique that uses a rice paste to keep the dye off some sections of fabric. It’s called Tsutsugaki. I was trying to research homemade systems to make gutta and discovered this!

There are some interesting projects in the future!

My Wedding Veil

When I married my husband in 2017, it was really fun, but a lot of the planning and “wedding industry” really stressed me out. My sister in law had made her veil at her wedding for $5 of Tulle from Walmart and she let me take the same tulle to turn into my own! I took her original veil and rounded out the edges a bit and then converted the comb part to what I can only describe as virgin-mary-style, so that the edge would lay directly on my head and there would be no “flip over” part. I took a bunch of silver beads and sewed them in along the entire edge with a “Gecko foot” design (if you ever made bead animals). It was very relaxing to make this veil and it felt really special on the official day.

Photo Credit: Cathy & David

Sea foam Gandini

There is a very friendly man at Mood who works in the brocade and lace section. He always recommends wonderful fancy fabrics and he initially explained Gandini fabrics to me. They are super high quality, imported from Italy, and really fun! There is a print that looks like a Lizzard that I keep thinking about but I don’t know what to do with it… maybe another skirt? Another day.

For now, I cannot wait to wear this silk scarf in summer. It is a light sea foam green and it’s almost weightless. Hand stitched hems. It moved so easily it was most a challenge to cut and it was very delicate to sew. I tried to use a very thin needle to minimize damage to the fabric and I added a tiny second layer around the logo just to stabilize it a bit.