Anna Sui is awesome! Who “made” this scarf?

I saw this silk panel at Mood and instantly thought of a few Christmas gifts for friends… however hand sewing hems takes a bit of time so I’m a little past the season and starting to get closer to their birthdays so I might as well wait at this point. Here is a really interesting feather and rose print that Anna Sui used in a dress (now I can’t find the link anywhere).

When I gave a scarf to someone recently, they asked if I had dyed the fabric and I said I had not. This has me thinking, did I “make” this gift for someone? Is it more that I’ve “sewn” them a gift? At what point does something become a thing I made vs a knock off of some of these designers? I really like flower print and prints in general, so often I feel like the things I’m making do benefit from the fabric design. Is it commonly accepted that if you’re making a fabric, it can be used by anyone, and then they say that they designed it? I think I will ask the staff the next time I’m at Mood. It is nice to be able to buy really high end designs that I would not buy in a store and make what ever design I want from them, so maybe if I just keep giving both of us credit that’s okay?

I am also starting to investigate 3D printing for my buttons and I’m considering looking into ways to make my own fabric. If they do it on a challenge in Project Runway and all these designers have their own fabrics, I can maybe do something too right? I’ve been thinking about just painting my own big flowers on some silk as a start. Stay tuned for updates.

Another purse from Tokyo

This was my second purse created from some fabric I purchased in Nippori. The blue chain fabric is actually the “wrong side”. The right side was more blue and beige, but i liked the more washed out blue. I have been watching some videos about Sashiko and I wanted to give it a try. I choose the water droplet style and created a few circles on sections of the bag. I also made an inner pocket with the original orange and green scrap material from my first bag. I really loved that fabric and wanted to have a way to incorporate it into something for myself too.

You’ll also note the first good picture of my logo in the bottom right of one side of the bag.

The Veil Project

I had been making a veil for a friend, but unfortunately it ended up being too white. It will hopefully now find a new home with my cousin…

This veil is cathedral length with bridal tulle from Mood. The staff lady that helped me was wonderful. For my own veil, I had reused my sister-in-law’s $5 tulle from Walmart. This was still really affordable, but much more stretchy and durable. Overall, this took me about 4 months to complete.

A scarf for a friend

We have some friends who are moving to Rwanda to work for a non-religious charity and start a program that provides counseling to overseas volunteers working in really stressful or dangerous areas. We could not be more honored to call this couple our friends. I made a scarf for the lady – a hand rolled hem from an Anna Sui panel from Mood. I really love a lot of Anna Sui’s fabrics, she does a wonderful job designing them. I really hope our friends enjoy their next adventure together.

Beading and Oscar de la Renta

This dress was made in the winter of 2017, so I’m wearing sweatpants underneath. This is an Oscar de la Renta silk and I designed this shift dress with some funky scrunchie style ties on the side (stay tuned for a better picture one day). This was one of the second things I made for myself so I was still experimenting in many ways. Again, I took some of the leftover beads from my wedding veil to outline the zig zag squiggles at the neck of the dress.

Starting to get creative

This is a poodle print from Carolina Herrera. I made a shift dress with hand rolled edges, machine stitched french seams on the sides for more strength. I used some beads left over from my wedding veil to outline the collar and give one of the dogs a little leash. One day, I was walking outside of my office when a man walked up and started talking to me. In the city I live in, usually people are asking you for directions and that’s about it, so I was surprised when my brain didn’t recognize questions about any avenues. Turns out, he was saying, “I made that, that’s her poodle” He was the designer of the fabric! He asked me if I worked in fashion, and I say, “No, I work in Marketing” and he said, “oh, well, if you made this, then you are in fashion.” I told him a really enjoyed making it and I showed him the beading and the little leash detail. We both told the other to have a wonderful day – he certainly made my day very special!

A silk scarf too nice not to share

This is an Anna Sui silk that I purchased in three panels (maybe four). I created one for a coworker for our holiday party gift exchange. She’s an incredibly fashionable NYC lady and as soon as I saw the fabric I thought it would look great with a lot of her clothes. Additionally, I knew that flower print was quite fashionable this fall and winter, so I thought I would be on trend there too. After that initial purchase, I kept thinking about that fabric! I went back and purchased three more sections for a few other special people that I think will like it. While in Tokyo, we visited a family friend and his mum a little ways outside of the city. This was the first time we met them and I wanted to make sure I had something nice and heartfelt to give them too. Thus, Scarf #2 was born! They were wonderful hosts and it was an absolute pleasure getting to meet them and visit.

These have hand rolled hems and I embroider a little “Coli” in one of the corners.