Halloween 2022

It’s been a very long time since I made a post! We have been busy but I have still been sewing.

For much of September and October I made these Halloween costumes. We were spooky travelers for my husband’s boss’s party that was Haunted Hotel themed.

It was a very fun night! I made everything except my black turtle neck. All of the Halloween fabric was from Joanns and then the white shirt fabric was from Mood.

I am particularly proud of the pants because the stripes lined up well.

I also had inseam pockets in my skirt!

It was a fun night!!

New Pants

My husband is teaching in person this year at his high-school and so he needed some new pants – ontop of PPE.

I was nervous about this project because this fabric was a little “shifty” so I was concerned about it not draping well. Turns out it was not as challenging as I expected and I’m pretty happy with the final look!

They survived their first day of class today too!

It was 95 degrees in my house – time to sew some fleece pjs lol

Well, the AC was broken and while we waited for the repair man I needed something to do. I had already watched the whole second season (excluding the finale) of Big Little Lies and the Fencing World Championships stopped streaming from Budapest by 3pm ish too. It was so hot but we had to stay in the house until the repairman came. I didn’t want to do dishes but I was tired of being on the couch.

With a fan blasting at me, I decided it would be relatively easy to make a pair of PJs I had promised D since our last trip to Joanns.

I used a Vogue V8988 pattern as a base but straightened the legs and extended the waist to make room for a fold over drawstring waistband.

See below for the process and final project!

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Pattern Class 3 of 6

Today was a great day! We bundled up and headed into the city for brunch with friends. D wore his blue pants and they looked great with a dress shirt and sweater. I wore my Jason Wu gathered skirt (post scheduled to come out on the 19th… so this is a preview)

The food was quite good and it was fun to see friends.

I made it to class on time again and got to speak with the tall man. He inherited a bunch of fabric from his mom and it was pretty neat to hear about a skirt he’s making for his daughter. I also got to sit by my original measurement buddy and it was really nice to catch up!

In class we went through all the steps to make a pattern for a front bodice. It was definitely more complicated than the skirt and it involved a bunch of interesting measurements and angles.

After we made the bust pleat there was a small point on the outer side seam where we dropped the length another half inch. This was similar to the last class where we added an inch to the top of the skirt. This basically makes the fabric appear to lye parallel to the horizon when you’re wearing it.

We will finish the arm hole next week once we finish the shoulder on the back of the bodice.

After class I asked permission from the professor to post his website here! His name is Banjamin Mach and he’s super nice! In the MoodU classes you can clearly tell he knows what he’s doing. I told him that I was watching his project runway season and he seemed to think that was cool. It was interesting to hear a little of the behind the scenes of the show. I am really looking forward to next week. I think I will wait for the bodice back to be done before I try to sew it. Although, I kind of want to see if I could guess how to make the back based on the measurements we learned today for the front… maybe that’s a project for tomorrow!

This class is totally worthwhile and I would recommend it to everyone. I am looking forward to seeing what is available next. I heard they are thinking of an advanced class that could handle collars and other details like that… that could be quite cool!

The Wild Pants Finished!

This has been a fun project. D is now ready for work with green, blue, and khaki pants! These khaki ones are quite light and will be nice in the summer. It’s starting to warm up so hopefully that will be soon.

They turned out quite nice! It’s a little bit more of a party on the inside with this lining. I also tried a new waistband finishing technique I learned from a really nice staffer at Mood. Vintage buttons from my Grandmother again too!

Here’s a few more pictures of the final pants!

The Wild Pants continued

These are continuing to come along! And getting less wild because the lining will be entirely on the inside.

Now I just have to sew the front and back panels together and make sure to take them in so that the fit is just right. Ideally, I will learn shortly how to modify this pattern from the start so that I don’t have to spend so much time on this part. For now, this always takes a few more adjustments and it’s much easier to take something in then add in additional panels to take it out. From there, I’ll add the waistband, final details of the fly, add buttons, and hem the pant ankles. Can I possibly finish this weekend? Maybe… I’m not in a rush though.

The Wildest Pants Yet

For the final pants for now – he has green, blue, and the Ted Baker purple ones – it’s time for a khaki! But that’s boring sometimes, so I’m going to make the lining the wildest yet. He wears all sorts of colors of clothing but gets a little nervous with prints. I think this will be a fun first step towards moving into a wider variety of prints.

This print is also leftovers from a dress I made, but it’s too cold here to take pictures of that.

Here’s a preview for now!

Fabrics from Mood

Pants Part 2

So now that you’ve seen the first ones, it’s time to see the second! You can’t have a significant other only wearing green or purple pants all the time (purple are the Ted Baker ones, not homemade). Sometimes you might need something in a slightly more standard color spectrum (although, you’d be surprised).

It was time to go back to Mood! I actually went there with my mom and dad (things for them are still in the works).

I picked out another cotton – this time in a nice royal blue!
I will confirm the technical term for this type of fabric the next time I’m there.

I also got the pattern fit a little better this time! Welt pockets are getting easier and easier (although this fabric was thicker… so there are some creases/puckers). I always think about how I keep the right sides of the fabric together, sew the rectangle for the outer pocket, cut the inside of the rectangle and then flip the little rectangle through to the wrong side of the larger pant piece. From there, you can fold the pocket flaps down and sew around the whole rectangle to keep them in place.

I think I can call these buttons antique too – my grandmother gave them to me when we visited her this summer. She had collected a huge bag over many years (taking them off old shirts and collecting the spares). It all turned out quite nice!

Also, last but not least, I adjusted the way I sewed the fly on these. In the first pair, I sewed the zipper through to the front fabric, but this time I studied the store made purple pants and saw that the inner zipper is sewed on to a inner flap of the fly which is then sewn in place in that large J shape. Thus, these look more “normal”. What a weird detail right? both of these have the same function, but one is somehow more normal and the industry decided that was how this piece of clothing should be sewn… research for another day, similar to the button hole right side/ left side differences…

Project Pants!

As I mentioned earlier, my husband really enjoys all my sewing projects (including digging through the pattern file cabinets in Joann’s, chiming in while picking out fabrics, listening to me talk about new ideas), so he was pretty excited about the idea of me making some pants for him to wear to work. He is tall and one time we found some Ted Baker pants on sale at Nordstrom Rack. They fit great, were really well made (fancy lining!) and they were a pretty unique color of burgundy. But, without the sale, these pants are outside of our price point. So, I decided to try and make some!

First, the Green pants! Mood had a wonderful army green cotton that felt like a Chino. I also used some of the leftover fabric from his Dad’s US Open shirt to make the pocket lining!

This was my second try at welt pockets (following the shorts) and the sizing between the patters was way different :/ I don’t think I’m measuring him properly. Either way, I adjusted it by adding some little side panels that kind of looked like a tuxedo stripe. I really like them. They’re getting a little bit worn now which I think is making them look cooler.