Vacation Clothes

The week of the wedding for my cousin arrived and it was time to fly to Vancouver to celebrate! On the plane I had many prints going on with the fabric dress from my neighborhood shop and the anna sui scarf:I went to my parent’s place and went for a run in the morning near False Creek.From there it was time to travel to Vancouver Island and then Quadra Island. I wanted something sunny so I picked out the ruffle skirt that I made with fabric from Mood and adjusted via my mood u pattern class.This is the delicious poutine and white spot spicy chicken burger we had for lunch…. I know today this more of a travel blog.One we were in Nanaimo, we drove up the island to Campbell River. Now we’re waiting for the next ferry to Quadra Island. It’s a beautiful day!Can you see the float plane above?The Tokyo purse is in full swing today too!After the short ferry we are now at Quadra Island and it’s beautiful!

We had a great dinner of smoke salmon and a winnie roast followed by smores on Digestive cookies!

Another purse from Tokyo

This was my second purse created from some fabric I purchased in Nippori. The blue chain fabric is actually the “wrong side”. The right side was more blue and beige, but i liked the more washed out blue. I have been watching some videos about Sashiko and I wanted to give it a try. I choose the water droplet style and created a few circles on sections of the bag. I also made an inner pocket with the original orange and green scrap material from my first bag. I really loved that fabric and wanted to have a way to incorporate it into something for myself too.

You’ll also note the first good picture of my logo in the bottom right of one side of the bag.

Starting out with some projects from Tokyo

This is my first attempt to create a purse with hard handles. This fabric is a cotton from Okadaya Shinjuku which we found on a whim after the Nippori stores were all closed on January 2nd, 2019. Earlier that day, we spent a little over 4 hours waiting to see the Emperor and by the time we got to Nippori, all the stores had closed early. All we could do was eat some wonderful Ramen and head home 🙂 We made it back to Tomato Fabrics two days later and I bought a bright colorful cotton to make the lining (and some other fabrics that will be described in future posts). This purse was a gift for a dear friend. I experimented a little boldly with the shape and trying to create the box pleat. I wanted this to be fancier than a standard tote, but in hindsight, I’m not 100% sure if I got the proportions perfect. The gift receiver actually attached her own long gold chain strap to either side and now it looks great!